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"Indramayu " is one of the District located in the North Coast of West Java. Established by Raden Aria Wiralodra, son of Singalodra Crow Tumenggung Bagelen Central Java, on Friday Kliwon, I Muharram, 934 AH or 1449 S I Sura, which, according to the calendar date of AD is October 7, 1527, in Titimangsa is designated as the official anniversary Indramayu . Indramayu Regency area of 204,011 ha with a 114 km long coast and many of Mangrove forests covered.

Indramayu known as "rice barn", given the 58.27% of the area are rice farming area, known also as the producer of fish, because of all marine fish production in West Java indramayu third will come from. As well as producing fruit that is a trademark of Mango, Indramayu also has a full tourism potential, both tours Nature Tourism Science and Technology (Science and Technology) and the Tourism Potential of the Spiritual and Art and Culture such diverse Ngarot ceremony, Nadran, visitors, Sintren, Tarling and Acrobatic Genjring.


1) Tirtamaya Coast

is one of the recreation area visited by many tourists, as well as a safe sea bathing, also has beautiful scenery, especially during sunrise and sunset.
Tirtamaya Coast H
ighway located dijalur Indramayu - Cirebon, ± 16 Km from the city of Indramayu or ± 38 Km from the city of Cirebon.

2) Beach tow

Also one of the recreation area but not least the many visitors from different regions, beaches sled located in
District KANDANGHAUR ± 39 Km from the town of Indramayu, beach tow Rest Area as well as suitable for resting a moment unwind from travel fatigue that led to either the home or from Jakarta.
Along the coast has grown a shade of mangrove forest and also many restaurants and stands ready Restaurant serving a variety of fresh fish dishes.

3) Komodo I

is a maritime tourist attraction with marine parks and a beautiful ornamental fish and beautiful coral reefs found on the island, Komodo island is also equipped with white sand, mangrove plants and seaweed cultivation and the lighthouse tower built by ZM. Willem in 1872 is the main attraction.
Recreational activities that can be done on the island of
Komodo is diving (Diving), Fishing, Snorkeling and adventure tourism. Komodo island has an area of ± 120 ha, is located 40 Km north of Indramayu that can be reached by fishing boats.

4) There Bojongsari
located in downtown Indramayu with water surface area ± 6 ha. The place has its own attractions such as fishing, camping and water recreation is a bike Water, Tourism and Sport Boat Rowing.

5) There Bolang

is one of the alternative tourism has its own charm, such as fishing, camping and recreation area of water. The place is situated in the village Jatisura Sub Cikedung ± 20 Km from the town of Indramayu, Bolang Situ also has a rural feel very strong with panoramic pesawahan, goats, and mango trees that grow around Situ Bolang so comfortable atmosphere serving.

6) The mo
nkey colony Banjar

a lot of tourist places are also visited by tourists because of the unique charm of the monkey colony from ancient to the present number of 41 monkey's tail, which is located in the village of Bulak Jatibarang District 17 Km from the City Indramayu.

CITY TOUR AND Science and Technology

1) Square

the City Center or commonly known as the town square, as well as the center of the Regional Government is Indramayu city center point. On the afternoon of Saturday night, especially this area bec
ame crowded by young people visit.

2) Tugu Deer

stood steadfast were in the entrance of the City Indramayu Cirebon, a historical picture of the Golden Deer of guiding and showing the direction where the hamlets in the estuary of the time Cimanuk embryo Indramayu district.

3) Tugu Mango

located at the junction of five roads in the City of Indramayu from Jakarta. This monument describes the city as a producer Indramayu typical mango fruit, which became a trade mark Indramayu.

4) Great Mosque

is the work of ethnic Chinese architect. Indramayu Grand Mosque is located in the city center adjacent to the office of the Regional Government of Indramayu.

5) Balongan Oil Refinery

an oil and g
as resources located 6 Km, from the central city of Indramayu managed by Pertamina UP.VI. As crude oil processed into gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other products is an attraction to science and technology to Indramayu tour.
The presence of oil and gas potential in Indramayu have been predicted by Raden Aria Wiralodra as stated in the inscription which Wiralodra Aria written in Java language, as follows:

"Nanging benjing God nyukani, kerahmatan kang linuwih, Darma Ayu mulih Harja, tan ana sawiji pertelanya. Wonten Yen Cimanuk taksana nyabrang time, well deres military glory, without Delupak murub patra, mukti pan sadanya altered, somahan against soldiers, rowang opponent priagung, samya Tentrem atinya, haja sada ru
muli, ing on Harja sekehing State ".

Which means:

"But someday God will bestow, His mercy is abundant, prosperous Darma Ayu again, no sign constraints. If there was a snake crossing Cimanuk time, the triumph of flowing wells, no oil burning lamps, all returned to live prosperous, united with soldier , helped the authorities, secure and peaceful life, all re-prosperous, prosperous life throughout the State ".


1) Ma'had al-Olive

is a modern pesantren largest and most magnificent in the whole Southeast Asia area boarding school complex ± 1200 ha, located in the Village District Mekarjaya HAURGEULIS Indramayu district.
The distance to the location of the pesantren ± 182 Km from Jakarta or ± 132 Km from Cirebon. Ma'had Al-O
live not only as an integrated boarding school which became centers of education and development of Culture and Cultural Tolerance is also the development of Peace with the completeness of its facilities. Ma'had Al-Olive is a milestone in the implementation of the environment can be a dynamic development centers, such as Universities, research centers, technology companies and recreational centers.

2) Grave Raden Aria Wiralodra

located in the Village Sindang (field Krapyak) Sub Sindang ± 500 M to the west hall Indramayu district. Raden is the founder of Aria Wiralodra Indramayu city which is one of the son of Raden Crow Singalodra a Duke of Bagelen.

3) Grave Selawe
located in the Village District Dermayu Sindang ± 1 Km from Town Center Indramayu. Mausoleum is the tomb of Prince Selawe teacher with 24 students came from Palembang who died after a battle with Nyi Mas Endang Dharma. Grave Selawe called because the tomb numbered 25 Grave.
The uniqueness of the story Selawe Tomb of the grave sometimes less sometimes more than 25, it is s
aid for those who can calculate the exact number of graves 25, then that person will receive a blessing.

4) Yang Tomb Tambi

located in the Village District Tambi SLIYEG Jl. Raya KARANGAMPEL - Jatibarang ± 20 Km from the City of Indramayu. Tomb Tambi Yang is one of the many tombs of pilgrims come from all corners of the goals vary.


1) Ngarot

a Ngarot Ceremony is one of the Ceremony of the 16th century until now is still held by the village community towards Lelea each rice cultivation. Location management of ± 17 Km from the city of Indramayu. Ngarot or Kasinoman held every Wednesday, the fourth week in November. Ngarot perpetrators are young people with typical costumes and accessories that sparkle are even tourist attraction. In addition to traditional arts, Mask Dance, Tap Ronggeng held simultaneously, also lively night market is also held during the week.

2) Nadran

Is grateful for catches of fish, expect an increase in the coming year and pray so as not to get gets in the way of making a living at sea, this is the main purpose of Nadran Ceremony held regularly every year. In addition to traditional ceremonies, traditional arts and fairs were held during the week.
Generally Nadran Ceremony was held between October and December are held at the Beach tow, Dadap, Karangsong, Limbangan, and Glayem.

3) Sintren or Lais

Is one of folk art is still alive and growing in coastal communities, especially the North Coast. other than magical nuance, chicken cages, the main attraction of this Sintren art, musical instruments are also very typical of the jars, pitchers and bamboo or bamboo stems.

4) Dermayon Mask Dance

Is a typical dance, costumes, characterized by a specific mask, mask distinguish Dermayon compared with other regions. Indramayu have a mask dance maestro of the mother who had a lot Rasinah appear in several events abroad.

5) Art Tarling

Is the art of music and song that was originally on display in the form of singing (Kiser) is accompanied by guitar and flute alone.
Indramayu is the birthplace of art tarling in the 16th century, as world events, art tarling experiencing development and change fast. Currently tarling already equipped with the tools of modern music, however it is Tarling Classic very much in demand by tourists.

6) Acrobatic Genjring

Is one of the traditional arts community is performing acrobatics Indramayu or attraction to the media ladder, bicycle wheels and so one. Acrobatic Art Genjring accompanied the presentation of a musical instrument or Rebana Genjring equipped with dance Rudat.

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